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Macquarie University and Australian Health Services Research InstituteUniversity of Wollongong, have been awarded an Australian Research Council linkage grant "Ageing Well at Home: Measuring the Impact of Community Care for Older People"  to develop measures to understand outcomes in community aged care services.  The understanding and measuring of outcomes is needed to ensure that consumers and their carers of packaged care services obtain the assistance and services that are important to them; and that the approach to service delivery is personalised and respects and values the individual care needs of older people.  

In order to ensure that these measures are meaningful and practical to use, we are partnering with four providers of community aged care services in NSW.

These industry partners will be actively involved in the development of the measures and will help test the measures with a range of their consumers in both metropolitan and regional areas of NSW.

Aged & Community Services NSW and ACT is also a partner in the project.

The project is also working with Professor Ann Netten from the University of Kent, who has extensive experience in developing an Outcomes Toolkit for use in the United Kingdom (ASCOT).

The February 2016 edition of Community Care Review magazine published this article about the project. 

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Beatriz Cardona (Macquarie Uni) at

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